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About Dr. Rinehart

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You can link most chronic diseases to a few common patterns – things like inflammation, oxidative stress, and hormone imbalances.

And, what makes me unique is that,I routinely order advanced laboratory tests that take cues from your body’s saliva, blood, urine and stool that let me know exactly how inflamed you are, how much stress your body is under, how imbalanced your hormones really are, and, most importantly, what kind of additional support you may need to get feeling & functioning better for once and for all.

Your health is a reflection of how well you treat your body. When you feed the body junk, it works like junk. When you feed it pure materials, it functions cleanly.

Here’s what to expect if you decide to work with me:

  • I start by spending 15 minutes on the phone with you prior to scheduling to perform a free 15-minute Health Audit to see if my services are right for you and answer your initial questions.
  • You will then fill out my intake forms, and mail or fax them prior to your visit (let me know if you would like forms mailed to you);
  • I set aside a full 1-1.5 hours to meet with you during our first consultation to review your case fully before proceeding with your custom Personalized Action Plan.
  • Also, all of my patients receive an easy to follow 30-Day QuickStart Paleo Guide complete with exact shopping lists with numbered ingredients that correspond to specific recipes.
  • I also offer you some availability via e-mail between formal appointments to have your immediate nutrition questions and concerns answered.

My goal is to connect the dots behind your health problem, recognize hidden patterns, and develop a personalized plan for you to correct those patterns and set you on a path to wellness.

Sound interesting? You can schedule your free 15-minute Health Audit by clicking the “Schedule Now” button below.

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Here’s What We Know about Wellness:

  • We live in an increasingly toxic & stressful environment.
  • It’s becoming more and more difficult to successfully navigate our food system.
  • You are what your grandmother ate! Not only does diet and lifestyle wash over our genes, those changes in our genes can be passed on to our youth.
  • The health of your gut has a LOT to do with the health of your entire body.
  • When you take responsibility for your health, you are not only making a smart decision for yourself, you are making an investment in your future family & serving as a healthy role model for those closest to you!

Here’s How NJ Nutritionist Dr. Alex Rinehart, MS, DC, CCN May Help You:

  • Understand your illness from a wellness perspective.
  • Identify the root problems behind the symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Connect the dots to your unique health profile & finally learn how diverse symptoms & disorders are related to one another.
  • Coax your body back into a direction toward health, not disease
  • Teach you how to maintain those changes for years to come!

Reclaim Health with Food as Medicine

Navigating through the noisy world of health advice can be a confusing task. One day a food is applauded for its health benefits, the next day it is cursed and cast as evil.

If you’re looking for a magic bullet solution to all of your health problems, you have came to the wrong place. This is because: Nutrition is person and situation-dependent.

I want to coax your body back into balance over a healthy time-frame without the use of drugs or surgery.

Still with me?

Clinical Nutrition Advice Includes:

best nj nutritionist

  • Whole Food Recommendations
  • Science-Based Nutraceuticals (Supplements)
  • Clinically Designed Medical Foods
  • Individually-Tailored Behavioral Counseling

Now at this point, you might be wondering:

Who am I and how am I qualified to serve your health needs?

About Dr. Alex Rinehart, DC, MS, CCN, CNS

Hi, my name is Alexander Rinehart, MS, DC, CCN and I’m a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a Certified Nutrition SpecialistSM professional, & a licensed Chiropractic physician. I founded the NJ Nutrition Center in Millburn-Short Hills, NJ (between St. Barnabas Medical Center & South Orange Avenue on Old Short Hills Road) in 2010.

Despite having a Master’s degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition and double board certification in nutrition (more on CCN/CNS’s below), I began my career practicing at a traditional Chiropractic clinic. Although Chiropractic is a rewarding career, I soon began to understand that the nutrition aspects of my education were my true passion. I see the art of Chiropractic and Functional Nutrition as sharing very similar philosophies. Chiropractic practice is centered on removing interference from the body’s inborn ability to express health. Whether I remove that interference through a Chiropractic adjustment, or through a carefully chosen supplement, as long as improved health is the outcome, I see both as one in the same.

So while practicing like a traditional Chiropractor is rewarding, I didn’t want to be just another Chiropractor practicing in Northern New Jersey. Instead, I decided to open a unique functional nutrition practice of my own called the NJ Nutrition Center.

So how am I qualified to help you with your chronic health problems?

You may have been to numerous medical specialists and have undergone a series of testing. You may also be seeking a separate opinion from an experience with a separate functional nutrition or functional medicine doctor. In either case, you are in the right place.

While there are overlaps between registered dietitians and clinical nutritionists, there are distinct differences as well in our educational backgrounds as well as where we tend to work.

Clinical Nutritionists and Certified Nutrition SpecialistSM practitioners like myself see health on a spectrum of function, not black and white states of health and disease.

Your overall pattern of ”function” over time determines the probability of health or disease occurring later in life.

Function is not just some pie-in-the-sky concept. It can be measured with advanced clinical tests. My job is to choose the right tests and design a plan of action that will help support your body’s internal functioning – so you can go out and live the active, external life that you enjoy.

phoenix nutritionistClinical Nutritionists/Certified Nutrition SpecialistSM‘s (CCN/CNS) vs. Registered Dietitians (RD’s)

  • CCN/CNS’s typically hold master’s degree level training or higher (DC, DO, MD, PhD, R. Ph.) and are required to have up to 1000 hours of supervised nutrition and/or 56 hours of post-graduate education prior to certification, while RD’s are just required to complete an approved bachelor’s degree program and supervised practice program.
  • The majority of CCN/CNS board exam questions (90%) are Nutrition Science related compared to only 40% of RD board exam questions
  •  CCN/CNS’s tend to work in one-on-one clinical practice environments while the majority of RD’s work in institutional food service and management settings.
  • CCN/CNS’s recognize the positive and negative effects of different foods, while RD’s have a policy that “there is no bad food”, or “everything in moderation”
  • The professional organization of RD’s is the American Dietetic Association (ADA) now called the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).
    • The AND receives corporate sponsorship from Hershey’sCoca ColaPepsiCoGeneral MillsKellogg’sMarsAramarkAbbott Nutrition, and the National Dairy Council.
    • CCN/CNS boards do not receive corporate sponsorship.

Chiropractic Physicians (DC’s) vs. Medical Doctors (MD’s)

  • After the first two years of education, DC’s receive 3x as many hours of nutrition training than MD’s
  • At the completion of their education, DC’s receive more credit hours overall than MD’s and earn more credit hours in Anatomy, Microbiology, Diagnosis (Dermatology, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat), Radiology, Neurology & Orthopedics.
  • Chiropractic philosophy aims to maintain and promote wellness without the use of drugs or surgery. Medical philosophy aims to screen, treat and manage existing disease.

Let Me Show You the Difference

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“It’s now been sev­eral months since that first appoint­ment and I can truly say that I con­sis­tently feel bet­ter then I ever have before. The arthri­tis in my fin­gers has almost dis­ap­peared.  I wish I had taken a pic­ture because it has been such a dra­matic change.  I also lost about 8 lbs. with­out try­ing, that was a very unex­pected but great outcome.

I can’t begin to thank Dr. Rine­hart enough for giv­ing me a life that I didn’t have before.  I can hon­estly say that I’m look­ing for­ward to the years ahead, since I con­tinue to feel bet­ter month after month as my arthri­tis improves and my “fog” has been lifted.”

~K.J., Millburn, NJ

The Certification Board of Nutrition Specialists (“CBNS”) owns the certification mark CERTIFICATION
NUTRITION SPECIALISTSM in the United States, which it awards to individuals who successfully
complete the initial and ongoing certification requirements established by the CBNS.